Esophageal cancer is widespread among oncological diseases, and physicians explain why: people are prone to ignore warning signs which our bodies give to us. Not many people care about what they eat, and even less care about how they eat. Wrong way of food consuming threatens to damage the esophagus, and frequent damages can cause different illnesses, and carcinoma are among them.

You can pay attention to habits that promote diseases of the digestive system and learn how to avoid them.

Drinking hot tea

In general, consuming any type of hot or very cold meal is dangerous, but we usually drink hot tea or coffee, especially when it’s cold outside. As it turned out, adherents of hot drinks are susceptible to esophageal cancer. You have to keep liquid within several seconds in your mouth before swallowing. If it is too hot, your esophagus will be hurt. Apply this hassle-free technique to get hard digestive system.

Eat on the go




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